Sustainability Week for Business


SW4B is a support service for companies which, through its awareness-raising and activation programme, allows the company and its employees to engage with the issues of sustainable development in various formats. Together with the company, the SW4B team develops a tailor-made event programme and supports the company in its implementation. The programme takes into account the company’s existing sustainability practices and their thematic focus.


The Sustainability Week for Business (SW4B) is working towards a Swiss business landscape in which sustainable development is proactively addressed in depth in all companies with their employees. In this way, Swiss companies play a leading role in the ambitious implementation of the global Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


SW4B supports, accompanies and advises companies and organisations in their sustainability transformation by sensitising employees so that sustainability can be implemented in as many areas as possible chosen by the company.

What we offer

Raising Awareness

SW4B raises awareness among employees of companies to sustainable action.


SW4B specifically promotes personal responsibility and commitment among its employees.


SW4B supports companies to get on track in terms of sustainability.


Aspects of the SW4B

Bringing the issue to the workforce
Trigger a transformation to a more sustainable company culture from within by actively involving employees; we use a participatory approach where desired.

Orientation at the Agenda 2030 and “SDGs”
All SW4B content is aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); we can flexibly tailor the programme taking into account your company’s sustainability strategy.

Working with a young team
We are motivated students and graduates with first experiences in companies; You gain an exchange with representatives of the Climate Youth.

Benefits for your company

Support for sustainability transformation
By raising the awareness of your employees and motivating them to take action, sustainability can be integrated into as many areas of the company as possible that you choose.

Stronger networking with actors from other sectors
Access to the latest findings on sustainability from research and contact with universities. Interactive formats with experts on the challenges facing your company.

Appeal & Reputation
Strengthen commitment and recognition as a sustainable company that is attractive to employees, customers and suppliers.

Anna Zikeli


Co-Project Manager

David Weiss


Co-Project Manager

Christina Klein